Welcome to Black River Falls, Wisconsin!


Black River Falls is the county seat of Jackson County, located in western Wisconsin. Because of our proximity near I-94 and available rail transportation, the potential for business growth in our Industrial Park is exceptional.

Commercial Warehouse and Office Space Now Available.

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Black River Falls Industrial Park is home to more than 15 businesses that serve local, regional, national and international consumers. The Industrial Park offers an exceptional infrastructure that will assist you with the growth of your business.

Where is Black River Falls, Wisconsin?

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Our Work Force

Black River Falls has a population of more than 3,600; Jackson County's population is approximately 20,000.

Area businesses are built on a foundation of capable employees who are praised for their skills and work ethic. Continuing education and training is provided by Western Technical College located in the City of Black River Falls.

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Financing Is Available

Business Capital Fund: This is a revolving loan fund (RLF) designed to address a gap in private capital markets for long term-fixed rate, low down payment, low interest financing. Download a BCF Loan Application.

City of Black River Falls Economic Development Fund: The City of Black River Falls can provide loans at below market interest rates for new or expanding businesses. Loan terms and conditions are based on the size of project, number of jobs created, and contribution to the tax base. Please contact william.arndt@blackriverfalls.us.

Jackson County Revolving Loan Fund: Jackson County can provide gap financing for new or expanding businesses that create jobs. Loan terms and conditions are generally the same as the Business Capital Fund with greater loan amounts and more flexibility for larger projects. For more information contact kyle.deno@co.jackson.wi.us.

Jackson Electric Cooperative: Supplemental loans and grants may be available for new businesses that create jobs within the Cooperative's service territory. Commercial rebates and incentives may also be available. Please contact kevinb@jackelec.com.

TIF Financing: Tax Increment Financing dedicates tax increments within a certain defined district to finance debt issued to pay for the project. TIF creates funding for "public" projects that may otherwise be unaffordable to localities, by borrowing against future property tax revenues.

Other loans may be available from local financial institutions:

Black River Country Bank
Co-op Credit Union
Jackson County Bank
Waumandee State Bank

What's in Black River Falls?

View photos of Jackson County's countryside and enjoy the beauty of our area.

For more information about Black River Falls and Jackson County, please visit the Black River Area Chamber of Commerce and Jackson County websites.

Please contact City.Admin@blackriverfalls.us or brf.mayor@blackriverfalls.us for more information on other available business lots and housing availability.

Meet Some of Your Neighbors

Industrial Park Contacts:

Black River Falls City Administrator


Phone: (715) 284-5514
Cell: (715) 299-3671
Email: city.admin@blackriverfalls.us

Mayor, City of Black River Falls


Phone: (715) 299-1709
Email: brf.mayor@blackriverfalls.us


Phone: (715) 284-5385
Phone: (800) 370-4607